May 15th UPDATE:

Hi Buoy Friends! We hope you are staying healthy and sane; we can’t wait for the day we can welcome you to the brewery and celebrate events at our fantastic accounts and favorite festivals. Right now, although our county has entered Phase 1 of reopening as of May 15th, we will not resume any restaurant or food operations but will continue with delivery only of beer, spirits, and hand sanitizer. Check out our website and social media for more details.

We are constantly evaluating the current information regarding COVID-19 and our company’s operations. While we are excited to bring back our team members as well as start enjoying our space with our family, friends, and communities, we also need to move towards reopening with safety and a long-term outlook in the front of our minds. Therefore, we will not rush to reopen and will slowly be phasing operations back in over the next few months. We will keep our website and social media up to date as things change, so keep an eye on those to stay in the loop.

Thank you for your continued support during these challenging times. Beers up!

If you’ve landed here, you are in need of some answers…

Yes, we miss YOU.

No, we are not REOPENING during Phase 1.

No, we’re not currently making any FOOD, pick-up or delivery.

Yes, the BREWERY is still going strong – brewing and packaging beer daily.

Yes, you can buy our BEER at your Oregon & Washington grocery/ beer store. Please do.

Yes, we’re DELIVERING crowlers and other stuff to the Astoria-area and Portland Metro. Find it here. 

Yes, we miss YOU.

No, we’re not delivering CANS but you can definitely find some when you do your next grocery shop. Please do.

Yes, we made an awesome T-SHIRT to commemorate this insane time that will benefit our staff. Find it here. 

Yes, if you keep coming to this page we’ll show you pics from INSIDE Buoy.

No, you CAN’T COME VISIT. We need to keep our brew staff safe so they can keep making beer.

Yes, we miss YOU.


Still want to chat?

Give us a call or shoot us an email and we’ll talk this through.

Call the office 503-468-0800.

Send us an email at [email protected]



March 26 UPDATE:

Hello Buoy Community! We are starting up with beer delivery ONLY today and to test the waters we are servicing just the Astoria area. Put in your order for crowlers, kegs (if you have a kegerator!), and merchandise until 3pm and it’ll be dropped on your doorstep between 4-7pm this evening. Must be 21+. Do not come to the brewery for pickup! We will come to you. Cheers

March 23 UPDATE:

Today we are suspending our to-go and delivery service. Our intention was to provide meals and a little joy to our community, but it became obvious that this system does not fall into the recommendations of social distancing. We feel it is our responsibility to make the safe choices to get through this soon.
Thank you for your support this last week. Hard to believe it’s only been a week.
You have reached for a Buoy when stocking up on supplies at your local grocery store and purchased merchandise & gift cards on our online store. These are the actions that will pull us through to the other side. Thank you ❤️🍻

March 19 UPDATE:

We have online ordering!

March 17 UPDATE: 

Hello again Buoy community, we want to thank everyone for their continued support during these uncertain times. As of this yesterday, we closed the restaurant to seated customers. Going forward we will be offering to-go food and beer either through the front entrance or the 8th St Dock beer window if you prefer to stay outdoors. We ask that parties send one person to collect the orders.

Orders can be called in at 503-325-4540 from 12-8 pm. Check out the available FOOD MENU

Crowlers will be discounted to $5, $7 for imperial beers. We will not be filling growlers. Kegs will be $52 for 1/6bbls and $119 for 1/2bbls and you definitely need a kegerator to weather this storm, see below for instructions. Check out the beer menu below for availability.

“There’s nothing quite like a freshly poured beer from a draft system, but for most of us draft beer has been a pleasure that you only get at bars and restaurants.” Until you make one yourself! DIY Draft: Step-By-Step Kegerator Plans

All merchandise at the brewery and online will be 20% off because we all need a little cheering up. Gift cards can also be purchased online to enjoy after we all get back to “normal.” Check out the BUOY STORE
And please remember to use your purchasing power when you stock up at your grocery store. Packaged beer will be our lifeline through this difficulty and you have the power to support local breweries through it.
Helles, our current rotating can in stores now/soon* 
Most of all, stay safe and we hope to see you soon. Check this page for future updates.
xoxo the Buoy crew

March 13th UPDATE:

Hello Buoy community, we wanted to reach out to you today about COVID-19 and the precautions we have implemented at Buoy Beer Company. Our staff are following the recommendations from the CDC and the OHA and stepping up our already meticulous cleaning practices by increasing the frequency of hand washing and sanitizing surfaces. We are also supporting the recommendation for social distancing by limiting group meetings and canceling events through the end of March. Please keep in touch and we will update as things progress.

We are committed to do our part to make sure our community stays as healthy as we can and we’re here for you if you want a beer and/or fish n’ chips.

Lastly, we want to remind to wash your hands, get your rest, and stay home if you’re not feeling well because you’re awesome and we want you to stay healthy!

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