Community Involvement Committee

“We are proud of the community we live in, from the people to the river, and whenever possible we strive to make each of them better.” -Employee Handbook

Community Involvement Events 2019 

1/29  Project Homeless Connect              Seaside 9am2pm 

2/9 & 2/10 MAS Annual Meeting/training   Astoria 9am-4pm 

3/23 Solve Beach Clean Up           Fort Stevens State Park 10am-1pm 

4/20 Earth Day River Walk Clean Up      Buoy Beer      9-noon 

TBD Fences for Fido Volunteer Day          TBD        

5/19  Run on the River Race/Volunteer   Buoy Beer   8-noon 

6/?    Ivy & Brush Removal             Shively Park       2-5 

7/?    Outdoor Projects            Wildlife Center, Olney     1-4 

8/?    TBD 

8/?    TBD 

9/21   Solve Beach Clean Up   Fort Stevens State Park 10am-1pm 

11/?   Iron Chef Goes Coastal                Seaside Convention Center TBD 

11/?   Food Donation Sorting    Food Bank, Warrenton     1-3 

12/?    TBD                                           TBD 


***Information about each of these events will be sent in emails, posted on the Buoy Beer website employee update page and Bustling Buoy’s Facebook page. *** 

***Signup sheets for each event will be posted on the “White Board” in the back by the brewery *** 

***Free beer/soda tickets will be given to participants for each event, plus additional perks earned according to time spent volunteering*** 

Community Involvement Information 

  • Buoy Beer Company believes in the importance of having a positive impact within the local community.  A great way to accomplish that is by volunteering at various local non-profit organizations.   
  • Throughout the year multiple volunteer events are organized for Buoy employees to participate in.  No special skills are needed, or minimum time required, just a willingness to get involved. 

There are many benefits to volunteering: 

  • A deeper connection with other community members. 
  • The opportunity to learn new skills that can improve a person’s self-worth, as well as being fun and fulfilling. 
  • It has been well documented that volunteering can reduce stress, improve mood and enhance overall health. 
  • Recognition and perks based on amount of volunteer time. 
  • Information about each volunteer event will be posted on the Buoy Beer website (employee updates page), and on the Bustling Buoy Facebook page.  Sign up sheets will be posted on the “White Board” in the back by the brewery. 

Maritime Archaeological Society (MAS)

Buoy Beer Co. is now a sponsor of Maritime Archaeological Society (MAS), which means membership to MAS is now free to all Buoy employees. Following is the mission statement copied from MAS website:

The mission of the Maritime Archaeological Society is to seek out, investigate, and document shipwrecks and other maritime archaeological sites; conserve artifacts from those sites, when appropriate; and educate the public in areas of maritime cultural heritage, historic shipwreck preservation, and the science of maritime archaeology.

For more information check out the MAS website at:



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