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Eric Specis photoEric Jenkins – Executive Chef

Eric Jenkins began his cooking career at the age of 16. He was a bus boy at Jakes Famous Crawfish restaurant in Portland, Oregon. One fortuitous day, at the beginning of his shift, the chef came out to inform him that because one of the cooks had failed to show up, he was going to help cook in the kitchen.

He is still at it more than 40 years later. He never did attend a cooking school; it has been all experience learned on the job. After working in Portland, Oregon for a number of restaurants, including opening the first McCormick and Schmicks restaurant, he moved to the Washington Coast at the age of 18.  He got on at the Shelburne Inn and Restaurant with Jamella Lucas. The Shelburne is rated 4 stars in Northwest Best Places guidebook. He worked his way up to co-chef, being in charge of the dinner shift. This is where he first started to enjoy cooking. The environment gave him an opportunity to experiment with local products… especially seafood.

He worked at the Shelburne and a number of other restaurants on the Long BeachPeninsula for over 13 years. He then moved to Alaska and worked as chef at Glacier Bay Lodge – a remote fishing lodge. This provided him an opportunity to really have fun with seafood, with such a bountiful harvest of salmon, trout, crab, clams, halibut, and shrimp.

He was the Executive Chef at the Seafood School; part of the Duncan Law Seafood Consumer Center in Astoria. He held over 250 classes for consumers, put on numerous demonstrations and catered thousands of functions at the Center during his time there. He has worked closely with the Oregon Seafood Commissions, participating with them in trade shows across the country. He was also very involved with product development using seafood for “value added” products. In 2004 and 2005 he represented the State of Oregon at the “National Seafood Cook-off” held in New Orleans, and was broadcast on the Food Network. He has been showcased in such publications as Sunset Magazine, Passage Maker, Oregon Coast, Daily Astorian, Oregonian and many others.

Chef Jenkins has always been very involved in the local community. He has been a board member of CASA, and has volunteered at the local Food Bank as a part of their advisory board. He has been a part of numerous fundraisers for different local programs, and has played a part in helping the local Tongue Point Job Corps Culinary program.

As Executive Chef of the restaurant in Buoy Beer Company, he aims to continue delivering fresh local fare to the patrons who come for a taste of the Northwest’s newest brewery.

kidjenJennifer Chapman – Chef & Kitchen Manager

Jennifer grew up spending summers on her grandparent’s lemon orchard in Southern California. She was not only exposed to the fresh citrus on their farm, but also the area’s produce of all kinds. Her grandparents had traveled extensively, and her grandmother’s meals often reflected a wide cultural diversity. This is where Jennifer’s love of cooking began.

After school, Jennifer worked in a couple small restaurants then decided to throw caution to the wind and join the United States Coast Guard. There, she trained as a Motor Lifeboat crewman at first, and then as a Foodservice Specialist, cooking for her units both in active duty, and then in the reserves. This career choice not only lent to her continued training in the culinary arts, but happily brought her to the Pacific Northwest. Upon her release from the Coast Guard, Jennifer worked cooking and in management in restaurants as well as doing a bit of private catering. She met and struck up a friendship with Chef Eric Jenkins from the Seafood Center, who soon invited her to come and work with him there.

Jennifer worked at The Seafood Consumer Center in Astoria Oregon for 10 years. She was the Assistant Chef and Catering Facility Manager. She was involved not only in cooking regularly for the catered functions and managing the catered functions at the center, but in recipe development, menu development, in season species demonstrations, and kid’s classes as well.

Jennifer joined the Buoy Beer Team in 2013, and looks forward to continuing cooking at Astoria’s newest brewery for years to come!

Katie Shaw – FOH General Manager

Born Kathryn on October 25, 1984 in Santa Barbara California, since Katie has become a pop music sensation. Known for her over-the-top fashions, quirky stage props, and catchy songs. During the week she stills finds time to run the Front of House at Buoy Beer, much to the excitement of the entire staff.






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